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Who is ICENI
Iceni is a fast-growing provider of high-quality translation and copywriting services geared to the needs of businesses operating internationally.

Our clients include leading enterprises in financial services, investor relations (IR) and disclosure, consultancy, advertising and PR, real estate, law, IT, eCommerce, manufacturing, distribution, and retailing. We have expertise in both technical and non-technical fields.

Why choose Iceni?

Point Consistent, excellent quality
Point Fast and punctual
Point Outstanding value for your money
Point Expertise in diverse industries (technical and non-technical fields)


International network of business-savvy translators
Business Model
Point The Iceni business model delivers the maximum flexibility, speed, expertise, and all-round value for clients.
Point The Iceni international network of business-savvy translators covers the major business languages. Our translators have professional experience in law, accountancy, IT, etc. So, we can deploy the right translator or team of translators for your job.
Point No Iceni translation is delivered to a client until it has passed a rigorous check for accuracy, fluency, and stylistic appropriateness.
Point Iceni can offer you a remarkably flexible, personalized service that leads to excellent results. We are always ready to fine-tune our product to meet your needs.
If your company is setting up business in Japan or looking to outsource translation, we can offer you an unbeatable package of services. Let’s talk.

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